5 Lessons from over the Years…


I have worked with and for some great people during my career.  From those people you come in contact with you take away good concepts to apply to your management style and on the opposite side, hopefully identify the negative ones to avoid.  Below are 5 key Lessons I have learned over the years:

* One of my first supervisors told me that managing people was not difficult, he stressed that you just treat people the way you want to be treated and you will be fine.  Not real complicated.

* Customer service goes beyond making the customer satisfied, it is how you make them feel during the process.  I’m amazed how many retailers do not get this concept.  Getting a customer in the door can be challenging enough, they then treat them poorly and wonder why their customer count is lower than LY.

*  Insure the job matches the person’s skill set. If you put someone in a job they are not ready for and they fail, you own it as much as they do.  Manage for their success and growth.

*   Most people are uncomfortable with direct feedback. When giving, you owe it to them, one on one, to give them honest and direct feedback on developmental issues.  Some of my best lessons came from getting “hit between the eyes” hard with feedback. King Rogers was the Vice President of Loss Prevention for Target stores.  In his office he explained to me the difference in management styles. One style you dictate the path on how something gets accomplished; the other is you set the goal and let the person dictate their own action steps on how to get it accomplished. I think I was about 24 years old at the time and it stuck hard during my career.  Thank you for taking the time… Always end the conversation on a positive note.  Make them feel good about the conversation and your belief that they can change.

*  And lastly, be open and honest with your team.  It is not a sign of weakness as a manager if you are always honest and communicate openly to the group.  “Holding your cards closely” works for the military but, not in retail Loss Prevention.  Your team will respect you more if you respond that the information is confidential and you are unable to discuss it, if it is true when needed.

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