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It is generally accepted that smartphones are playing a significant role in the transformation of the retail industry, but the real picture of the story indicates that smart stores are fundamentally changing both retail stores as well as shopping experiences of the consumers. Amazon is one of the best in class brands in the market today. It is outperforming all other benchmark brands by reducing the friction in the journey and staying at the forefront of continuous market innovation. Amazon is continuously connecting with modern consumer market and proposing a challenge to other retailers.

Optimized shopping experience

Amazon gives first priority to its customers and ensures that the shopping experiences is straightforward and enjoyable for the customers. Amazon is at the forefront in changing the retail industry by making the use of enhanced product content. Sophisticated automation and personalization of technologies have increased the intensity of competition among retailers. Amazon is successfully providing an optimized online shopping experience which is lagging behind the other grocery retailers in the global industry.

Operational capabilities and technology integration

The launch of Amazon as a bookstore was the cornerstone for the success and future growth of the brand. Amazon took advantage of birth and growth of e-commerce in order to scrutinize the consumer behavior on continuous basis. Amazon Prime – a subscription program introduced by Amazon is the core competitive advantage of the company. Amazon will play a significant role in shaping the future of the retail industry by upgrading its operational capabilities. The company has been implementing several strategies to reduce the shipping cost such as the introduction of truck trailers, growing fleet of Boeing 767 cargo planes and building a fleet of the bicycle in order to haul merchandise across its customers. Amazon is also working on creating a drone delivery system for time and cost efficiency.

Amazon Go- game changer in retail industry

Amazon Go, a new kind of retail store introduced by Amazon, is fully equipped with cameras, microphone, and sensors which can be used for tracking the location of the shopper. Amazon Go is the game changer in the retail industry. It is believed that Amazon Go will not only play a significant role in creating a drastic change in food retailing, but it will also change the other segments of the retailing industry.

Way forward

Continuous growth, technology integration, and operational capabilities indicate that in the long run, the other retailers competing Amazon will face significant losses. In order to preserve the profits, the other retailing brands are required to design and implement some loss prevention strategies. Retail loss prevention strategies are the strategies which enable retail companies to preserve profits. Profit preservation is based on reducing preventable losses. The current performance of Amazon is indicating that other retailers can forecast future preventable losses. In this regard Loss Prevention Academy is the one which can provide loss prevention training to retailers for effective competition and to enhance the income or revenue of the brand. For successful implementation of loss prevention strategies loss prevention Academy is the best place which can provide retailing employees effective loss prevention training. At loss Prevention Academy, through loss prevention training will help employees and retailing brands for day to day operations at stores. Through loss prevention training retailers can introduce the innovative ways to enhance the shopping experience of customers.

Amazon is integrated into lives of the customer by continuously innovating new tech-based retailing services and increasing the retail loss which is worst for any retailer. Retail loss prevention is need of time and loss prevention academy is best in exploring the proposition of loss prevention.  The Loss Prevention Academy and WZ Academy represent the best online courses for the Loss Prevention/Human Resources and ER fields.

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