Are HR/ER professionals trained to “get the truth”?

Are HR/ER professionals trained to "get the truth"?

Among many hats they must wear, HR/ER professionals are being tasked to complete investigations for various reasons within their company.  Sexual Harassment Investigations, Work Place Violence, Time Fraud to name a few.

Do they have the skill sets to complete these investigations and obtain the truth?

Interviewing and Interrogating an associate to get the truth is a learned skill set and can take many years to develop and master. Knowing how to prep a room before the interview, how to read body language, the path of denials and how to overcome them, expanding the admission and preserving the statement are learned skills. One may obtain some tips via a mentor and sitting in on actual interviews will help learn the process.  The other, obtain some formal training.

Wicklander-Zulawski (WZ) are the industry leaders in teaching how to interview and interrogate to get the truth in a non-confrontational way. In addition to their seminars, WZ now has (2) 10 hour, distance learning courses available for those that live remotely, unable to make it to a seminar or want a refresher course. You can see the course’s description and register at

Online allows the trainee the opportunity to complete the course based on their time and schedule.

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