Loss Prevention

Cashier-Less Store, What are the risks?

When deciding to open a cashier-less retail store, there are some risks to be considered. Amazon’s cashier-less retail store is open to the general public and has received much scrutiny. Therefore, the motive behind cashier-less retail store is compelling. The risks include: -IN-STORE EXPERIENCE Shoppers want remarkable experience when they enter into a store. They want to interact with products, enjoy the personalized experience and engage their senses with creative sights, smells, tastes, and touch. In a cashier-less store, this will be a risk and cannot improve a customer’s in-store experience. -SYSTEM FAILURE......

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How will delivering of groceries change the grocery store format of today?

In grocery retail, all eyes are on the prize of capturing the online grocery shopper. With everyone working overtime to get the last-mile delivery logistics working, they are overlooking the bigger opportunity right in their store aisles–make the in-store grocery shopping experience better. Most Americans still like to shop in-store for groceries Of course, Amazon is way out in front with an estimated share of the online grocery market with full integration. Most recently Amazon introduced free two-hour grocery delivery from Whole Foods for its Prime members in some trial markets and......

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