Confusing Training with Awareness…

Confusing Training with Awareness...

All too often you hear of managers trying to establish expectations for employees through the use of awareness posters, awareness boards and possibly digital signage.  They are relying on the employee to take the time to read the material as they walk by and understanding the message.  This to me is the wrong approach to establishing expectations for the employees to either do something or not to do something.

“Best in Class” companies understand and commit to training their employees and managers on what the expectations are.  This can be accomplished through classroom training, web based online training or through written material.  Often there is not a large commitment due to costs associated with training.  Payroll along with costs to develop training puts this area beyond what many companies want to spend.  These companies believe in the “learn as you go” approach to training.

Whether it be shortage control. safety standards, customer service or increasing sales, every company should have a well defined training program.  Training starts with basics on day one and should be an on-going process during their employment.  In addition to setting the expectations, training makes the employee feel the company is investing in their growth.

Once the foundation is set through training, awareness programs come into play to reinforce the expectations and keep key messages in front of the employees.  Awareness is built through covering topics at “huddle meetings”, awareness posters, games like safety bingo and one on one communication by managers with employees.

Awareness reinforces the expectations from the training and “keeps the message” in front of the employees.

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