Does Online Training Replace the Classroom?


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Often I get the question, does online training replace classroom courses?…My response is maybe yes and maybe no.  Hopefully, my comments will be neutral,  owning an online Academy has probably tainted by thoughts.

If an individual has the fortunate experience to take a course with a dynamic, engaging instructor, smaller sized classroom with epic peers, then yes, classroom would be an excellent venue to learn a subject or skill set.

Do all instructors offer “real world” experience along with their academic background?

What if the classroom is a lecture hall and there are 250 students in the class?  Doubt one would argue that all students will engage with the instructor and their peers on the subject.

What if the student is working full time and can not make the class due to their schedule?

What if the student can not afford the full cost of tuition?

What if a person leaves in a remote area and the subject matter they want to learn is not available locally?

What if a person lives outside the Country?

As you can see where I’m headed with this, online training has advantages to offer that a classroom can not accomplish.  The six bullet points above demonstrate how online training adds a different option for those that can not make it to class, can not afford it, live remotely or outside the Country etc.  Studies have also shown that individuals retain the material better via online training vs. classroom.  Online training allows the individual to go back and review modules again and again until they understand the concepts.  Often, online is cheaper.

I asked my daughter the other day how many “excellent” teachers she has had???  Her response…4 to 5.  I will let you interpret that response.

We feel online training will only grow as time goes on.  Online training is an excellent alternative to the classroom in many cases.

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