Effective Use Of Technology To Reduce Retail Losses


Retail Loss is probably the worst of all theft types in the country. Retail loss prevention is an attractive but less explored proposition till date. Each year, retailers suffer sizeable losses due to theft and other types of injuries. To this day, the problem continues and doesn’t seem to end anytime soon until more technology, and employee training is incorporated into the retail industry. From small neighborhood stores to shopping marts, retail loss commonly occurs everywhere. However, retailers can overcome these losses to a good degree by incorporating cutting edge technologies and proper employee training. Here is more on how technology can effectively counter most types of traditional retail casualties:

Using Technology For Loss Prevention

For any retailer, reducing or effectively eliminating loss prevention is the need of the hour. Ironically, not many retailers are willing to embrace cutting edge technologies as they are either too expensive or disrupt their style of business. Sooner or later, this has to change as most retailers in the US complain that their losses are increasing by the day.

There are several types of loss prevention solutions available in the market. Some of the most cutting gadgets are as follows:

  • Anti-theft tag
  • EAS jammer
  • Spider wrap
  • Magnetic steel clips


Anti-Theft Tag

It is a recent technology and is making a buzz in the retail industry for many reasons. The Anti-theft tag is already being used by many retailers across Europe and America. Typical businesses using this technology include retail stores, supermarkets, and libraries. Upon a close look, the technology is iron containing a strip with an adhesive layer that is attached to the merchandise. The piece remains intact upon checkout and is not removed. Instead, it is deactivated through a scanner. The scanner uses the highly intense magnetic field. The benefit of this technology is that the retailer can reactivate it when required and costs microscopic.

The electromagnetic tag is another similar but more advanced technology. It has a ribbon connected through a metal wire. Due to its high permeability, the device can send powerful EM signals through it. When the signals get weakened and get saturated. It can instantly detect any attempt of theft and is a handy technology for the retail industry.

EAS Jammer

EAS Jammer is another effective loss prevention technology that can help retailers to eliminate casual or Organized Retail Crime (ORC) effectively. Though casual shoplifters are often difficult to track, with an EAS jammer at your store, your business is in safe hands. Compared to first booster tag, an EAS Jammer is more powerful and covers a wider area. However, it takes at least two men to operate the jammer, so it is a little difficult to work. Still, it provides your retail premises a good degree of protection.

Spider Wrap

Though less powerful than an EAS Jammer and Anti-theft tag, the spider wrap is an effective tool for loss prevention. It is small enough to be operated by one man and can quickly cover a single piece of merchandise. It is connected with wires that are attached to the housing unit and the item itself. The package is secured with a chip. As long as the shopper behaves, the wrap remains silent. However, when the shoplifter starts to mishandle the merchandise or remove the packaging, the alarm goes off. Similarly, when the shoplifter tries to steal, the apparatus will buzz a loud alarm, alerting security personnel and other staff of a theft attempt. Despite its small size, the spider wrap is quite a handy technology and has better efficiency compared to other technologies.

Training Is Also Important

Apart from technology, loss prevention training is equally important. A well-trained staff and security personnel will keep a close watch on the proceedings. If you are interested in turning your workforce into a well-trained and adequately equipped personnel, send them to a recognized loss prevention academy at www.LossPreventionAcademy.com. There, they’ll get the basics on how to run the day to day operations at a retail store. Also, they’ll learn innovative ways to keep the shoplifters and thieves in check without making them realize that they are being watched. Also, investing in proper security tech like cameras, alarm and locks are equally important.

All in all, technology will provide your store an unprecedented level of protection.






Steven M. Degener, J.D. Clayton, CA, United States Steve has spent over 25 years in Retail Loss Prevention. His last position held was VP of Loss Prevention for a Fortune 500 company. Other positions include Deputy Sheriff and Director of Loss Prevention Services for various Retailers. Our sites include www.LossPreventionAcademy.com,LPPosters.com and LPjobsFREE.com. Follow us with Twitter at LPACADEMYcom and Facebook at the Loss Prevention Academy.

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