We are pleased to post a guest blog article by Eric Mizner Sr., currently an Asset and Protection Mgr for KMart.

Formation of Assumptive Questions to ask ORC Suspects

When you apprehend a booster it is important to ask the right set of questions. Remember that more often than not the booster is the lowest man on the organizational chart.

Like a narcotics officer who is not as interested in “the man who has a bag of pot” – He is after the man who is supplying the dealers who is over all responsible for the pot in the mans hand! The ORC Investigators mindset should be the same way. We should not be as interested in the Booster. We want to learn who and where the fence is. To gather this answer we should be asking open ended Assumptive questions.

Here are a few examples:

Closed Ended question – “Is this the first time you’ve been here?”

Assumptive Question – “When was the first time you stole from our store?”

Closed Ended question – “Is it easy to shoplift at our store?”

Assumptive Question – “What makes it so easy to shoplift at our store?”

Closed Ended question – “Do other people that steal from us sell to the same people?”

Assumptive Question – “How many other people that you work with sell to the same people?”

Closed Ended question – “Do you get order forms or requests for specific merchandise?”

Assumptive Question – “How detailed are the order forms that you get?”

There are many other questions you will want to ask but I think you get the idea. I hope this helps. Remember the more facts we can gather the better our chances or having the Police support us.

For more tips in ORC interviewing check out www.w-z.com They run an amazing ORC webinar where I learned these skills.

Eric Mizner

Philadelphia Organized Retail Crime Alliance (PORCA)