Getting a Buy-In from the C Suite…


We are pleased again to have a guest article written by Dean Correia.  Dean is the owner of Correia Security Resources based in Canada.

Getting buy-in from the C-Suite…

 As security professionals, this is often one of our biggest challenges. Rightly or wrongly, we are often perceived as a cost centre, not a profit center. I have had success getting a seat at the table over my retail loss prevention career by making it a priority to build relationships and having my teams and I have a very hands-on approach to the business.  Be seen as a business enabler. 

Show you stakeholders how your function can make their programs even more impactfull by better protecting people and assets in order to optimize profit and brand impact. Be part of their strategic plans. Tour your stores with stakeholders, morning, noon, and night. Work a store shift during the Holiday season. Go to another function’s huddle and talk about security. Engage with your stakeholders outside of crisis.

 Develop metrics for your function. How much restitution did you bring back to the bottom line? How much labour were you able to save with technology? Through your audit program, how did you return people back to work more quickly or reduce customer accidents versus last year? Due to your efforts, you were able to reduce robberies and burglaries, making the workplace safer and saving considerable expense. A safe work environment is profitable one, a destination for talented employees and loyal customers. It will also be a differentiator between you and your competition

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