How Safe are your Safety Measures?


How Safe are your “Safety Measures” in your Retail Business?

“The safest workplace is the retail industry” how often do we hear it being said by the elderly and others? However, the truth is, it is not that safe after all, not if the current statistics are to be believed. According to the Health and Safety Executives often known simply as HSE, 76,000 reports from different people were received who became the victims of different workplace related injuries during their time at the job. But when the Labor Force did a survey, the figure surged to 611,000 injuries depicting that most of the injuries were left unreported. Furthermore, all of these injuries costed over $10 billion in compensation and rehabilitation of the employees. So, for an industry that is considered to be very safe, don’t you think this staggering figure of injuries and their compensation is quite alarming?

Over the years, the retail sector of the economy has been left unattended simply because of the perception of it being hazard-free. There simply does not exist a workplace industry that is completely protected and insured against every kind of possible harm whether to the business or to the people associated with that business. As for the retail industry, it does not matter how much conscientious you are about the health and safety of the workplace and the employees, you simply cannot end the risk of injuries but you surely can mitigate it.

But, before getting in to the topic of “Mitigation” of Accident Prevention, don’t you think it would be wise to look at the reasons? So, let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons that lead to injuries in retail sector:

When someone is consistently pushed to limits and often made to work more than he can bear then that results in physical and mental exhaustion. It leads to slower response and delayed reflexes in operations resulting in higher chances of falling into injuries.

Well, these are one of the most common ones that happen in a workplace. Often the liquid gets splashed on the floor which results in awkward slips that leads to injuries. Sometime the injuries are minor while other times, it needs proper treatment and relaxation to heal!

With the items left niggling out in an area where there is huge traffic, the results would certainly not be good. With the improper tapping of the extortion cord and other such items, tripping becomes quite common in such places which causes more damage than stubbed toes. Furthermore, indecorous lighting also adds to this cause!

In the retail industry, it is highly common that the employees would be suffering from backache or pulled muscles in their back area. It is because of the repetitive motion of lifting the items to the shelves again and again.

The major reasons for unintended collisions at the retail workplace is making a quick turning or opening a door quickly. While the seriousness might not be big enough by a mere collision, it certainly escalates when a drawer is left opened or anything pointed is in the surroundings.

Having said about some of the ways of the injuries, it is highly important that you take proper measure for safety in retail. Safety should be one of the top most priorities of yours when you are setting up a retail business.

There might no chance that you can completely eradicate the risk of injuries, you surely can mitigate it to quite some level and that can be done by:

  • Making sure the floor is always free of any liquid so to avoid any slipping
  • Ensuring that the collision is avoided by making that the turnings in your area a bit wider and by avoiding putting any unnecessary objects around it.
  • Ensuring that ever wire or anything niggling is properly sealed or tapped.
  • Making sure to keep rotating the employees with their work so as to avoid any repetitive motion for a longer period of time.

These were only few of many precautions that you need to take. If you want to reduce the risk of injuries as much as possible then you might need the help of Loss Prevention Academy. They will definitely help you by ensuring that all of your employees are properly trained and prepared to tackle any unneeded situation.




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