How to Curb or Stop Flash Mobs !!!


Flash Mobs That Steal: How To Curb Or Stop Them

Have you heard the news? Flash mobs… or as I colloquially refer to them – flash robs. That’s what they are. Dozens of gang members mobbing stores all over the US, UK, and Canada to quickly steal upwards of $30K worth in merchandise. Now, that’s something I don’t take very lightly.

How do you stop these vandals from getting away with mass robbery? Well, there are clear, actionable ways to curb (or even stop) flash robs. Most store clerks feel powerless once twenty or so gang members start enacting their pitiful show, but it doesn’t have to go this way.

Loss prevention training can help you prevent these scenarios. It’s extremely important to educate employees and store clerks on ways in which shoplifters steal and on which prevention methods should be applied in specific cases. Our loss prevention training can do just that for you!

Let’s see how to stop this nonsense.

Learning How To Deal With Risky Situations

Once gang members decide to take on a flash rob, it’s very hard to predict what’s going to happen next. This kind of flash mob usually only lasts for around 30 to 60 seconds at a time, and it catches everyone by surprise. So, what should you do when these risky situations arise in your store?

Learning how to deal with risky situations is essential to curbing flash robs. It’s important to realize immediately what’s going on in order to take action with a clear mind. After all, the main reason why gang members usually get away with this nonsense is that employees and managers freeze.

That’s a normal behavior for someone who’s never experienced such a thing, but it really damages both the brand’s reputation and their bottom line. Many stores have jackets that are valued at around $1K all lined up in the same corner, and with just one oversight… Swoosh, they’re gone.

Learn how to deal with scary situations!

Loss Prevention Training for Employees is Crucial

You need to educate employees and store clerks on the risks that these scenarios inevitably carry, and the actions that are needed to curb them. Clerks need to know about terminology, what to do if there is a robbery, loss prevention methods, and how to deter people from stealing in general.

This can be done in a variety of ways. A company could for example hire internal experts that would go through employee training on a day-by-day basis while explaining core components of loss prevention training. And while very effective, this is also an expensive thing to do.

Otherwise, the company could invest their time (and money) into creating training videos which can help employees visualize the problem of flash robs and immediately understand what the consequences are. It’s slightly less effective than hiring an expert, but it still gets the job done.

Again, this would require time and effort on the company’s side. Why not try something quicker that can help prevent these disastrous events? Loss Prevention Academy offers amazing loss prevention training for employees at a low price – so you can finally benefit from peace of mind.

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