Is Shoplifting in Canada a Serious Issue?

Is Shoplifting in Canada a Serious Issue?

Is Shoplifting In Canada A Serious Issue?

Let’s face it; shoplifting in Canada has reached worrying levels, and quickly turning into an issue that is engulfing the entire retail sector. It’s not a question of whether it is an issue or not. It is – but what we should be more concerned is how rampant and serious shoplifting has become in Canada.

Let’s Talk Hard Numbers

According to a recent CBC study, 10% of shoppers that walk into a retail store are shoplifters “WOW”. Also, 80 percent of Canadians claim to have shoplifted at least once in their lives. Contrary to common belief, however, women are as likely to shoplift as their men counterpart in Canada. Of reported cases, 25% of shoplifters turn out to be teenagers.

What’s even more startling is that shoplifting costs Canadian retailers more than a whopping $4.6 billion annually. And who’s going to foot that bill? It’s not the retailer; it is the customer who has to pay more for items to defray the costs of shoplifting. In fact, according to the same report, Canadian retail consumers have to shell out 20 cents more because of retail theft.

There’s even a bigger price to pay for burgeoning cases of shoplifting: anti-theft tech. Retailers have to part with millions, if not billions of dollars, each year to invest in state of the art anti-theft gadgets. The trouble is that seasoned shoplifters can outwit these devices with no sweat broken. That’s why retailers have to bank on loss prevention training to keep shoplifting and retail theft at bay. The good news is that top-notch quality loss prevention online training courses are dime a dozen these days.

What’s to Blame?

The surge in shoplifting cases in Canada isn’t too surprising. After all, the Canadian economy has been a little wobbly in the past decade or so. Unemployment rates are still high in most provinces, and the housing sector is still reeling from the recent market meltdown. Of course, economic woes and unemployment aren’t entirely to blame for the rise in shoplifting figures. Stakeholders, including retailers, government agencies, and training institutions like Loss Prevention Academy, have discovered that drug abuse is also a big driver.

You see, drugs addicts are often unpredictable and they occasionally fund their addictions through shoplifting. When you take good loss prevention online training, you’ll learn how to detect potentially dangerous drug addicts and shoplifters.

What to Do?

As a retailer, it’s crucial to arm yourself with the latest anti-theft gadgets as well as make sure that your managers, staff, and employees go through thorough loss prevention training. It’s an excellent way to put your best foot forward.

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