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It is always a pleasure to have guest posts from individuals within the Loss Prevention Community.  Below is an article from Mike Miller, owner of  Great article on the benefits of diversion programs and the role they play.


Theft Diversion Class Saves All of Us Money

By Mike Miller

Theft is a crime for which all of us pay. Today, you can’t open a newspaper without reading about some sort of theft. From corporate embezzlement, to metal theft to retail shoplifting, there is no doubt there are many people out there taking that which does not belong to them!

Throughout our nation’s history the response has been to punish the offender. I support punishing those who steal. But punishment itself is not the answer, nor is it a deterrent.

Most people do not steal out of need. Instead they steal out of greed. And many steal because they enjoy the emotional rush of taking something that does not belong to them and getting away with it.

What we need to explore is the answer to resolving our nation’s current problem with theft.

Theft Diversion Classes

Theft diversion classes such as those provided by are an instrumental part of curbing our problem with theft. Theft and shoplifting classes do not merely preach that stealing is wrong. They go to the core of the problem and flesh out why we steal. They provide information so that the student can use self-reflection to both stop their theft behavior now, and keep from relapsing into making the poor decision to steal.

Saving Taxpayer Money

The other advantage of theft diversion classes is that they save money for taxpayers by reducing costly trials and jail sentences. A comprehensive study in 2005 by the National Institutes of Health suggested that that jail diversion reduces time spent in jail without increasing the public safety risk, while linking participants to community-based services.

Saving Store Money

Lower-level crimes such shoplifting are more likely to be prosecuted by local courts and district attorneys if they have a diversion alternative available to them. If their only option is jail time, then courts will tend to throw out many cases setting free lots of potential shoplifters. By punishing shoplifters with a diversion class, those shoplifters are less likely to steal in the future.

Stealing causes all of us to pay. If you or someone you care about has a problem with theft or shoplifting, seek the help of a quality theft diversion class such as one from

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