The Challenges of HR to Maintain Workplace Decorum


The Challenges of HR To Maintain Workplace Decorum

The Challenges of HR To Maintain Workplace Decorum

Human Resource or simply HR is a broad field that with time has been influencing companies regarding its importance. An HR department is vital irrespective of the size of the company because managing Human Resource is something the most vital part of any workplace. The purpose of the department of human resource is much more than finding right people for the right job: it might just be the tip of ice burg. The HR department of any organization is required to make sure that they have the right mix of ingredients in their human resources so they can all collectively work to achieve the goals of the organization. But when people come from different background, getting them to gel with each other is a task which is certainly not easy!

For most of the top HR/ER practitioners, there cannot be a harder task than to manage a group of people coming from different backgrounds, level of education and experience. When a workplace offers such diversity, then clashes among them is inevitable. An HR personnel does not only resort to resolve the conflict between them but tends to create harmony so that the office environment remains on a positive tone.

Having said all of this, despite having an HR department, companies tend to face major problems in the wake of sexual harassment and the very common; time fraud and work place violence. These are some of the major problems which the HR department is required to cope with. Not only they have to make sure that it is mitigated to a large extent but they also have to investigate it in order to prevent it from happening again. But since, all of these issues are so delicate, investigating and interrogating for these matters is confronted by large number of difficulties and challenges.

These challenges are hard to deal with because of several reasons. For instance, in the case of sexual harassment, the HR personnel in most cases is unable to come up with enough evidences to support the claim or prove the allegations. The interviewing and interrogation process does not help much either. It is mostly because the HR personal does not usually receive the training to deal with these kind of issues and as such, is unable to deal with the situation effectively. Furthermore, since in most cases it is done at the places where usually third party is lacking, evidences come short and as such no action is taken. However, this should not be the case because sexual harassment in any way is not acceptable especially in the workplace because it tends to hamper the goal of the organization.

The same problem arises with the issues like time fraud and work place violence. With time fraud, mostly none of the people are prepared to speak out against anyone because they themselves would have been involved in this activity and speaking out would also lead them to a mess. Furthermore, it has been noted that in workplaces such as these, people have formed a lobby enabling them to overpower any honest individual who dared to stand in its way. Moreover, they also tend to find a way to make him fall in this kind of activity as well.

If any workplace has consistently been a victim of these issues then it is the HR department which is to be blamed. But like every other thing, it also come with a solution and that solution lies in training of not anyone else but the HR department. These days, personalized Online Training is available that can help the personnel to learn about non-confrontational methods that can be deployed to investigate these delicate issues. With the help of this training, the individual will be able to attain those soft skills which are an added advantage when it comes to eliciting out the information.

The Wicklander-Zulawski distance learning is certainly an enriched program which can help you in minimizing the discords that exist in your workplace. They offer a very conventional and step by step course at to help you attain all the skills that are needed to get the truth.

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