Training….Classroom/Online/Blended or ALL ??????

Training....Classroom/Online/Blended or ALL ??????

Classroom or “live” training has been the standard of education for many years.  This format allows an immediate interaction between the teacher and student to redefine concepts or answers questions as needed.  It has it’s faults as often quality of instructors and inconsistent delivery of the material comes into play.  In the corporate world, instructor based training can be very expensive when you want to touch individuals in the field.  Flights, meeting room costs, payroll etc. have to be factored into the decision to train or not.  Recently on a flight I sat next to a professor from a local university.  We were discussing E-Learning and she was dead set against the concept.  When I asked why, her response was essentially that if she had to endure the classroom, everyone else should.  Go figure that thought process.

The internet has introduced the concept of online, E-Learning to the classroom.  E-Learning allows the course  content to be delivered in a consistent manner wherever there is a computer and an internet connection.  Yes, you miss the immediate opportunity to ask questions to an instructor, but support can be provided at a later time.  E-Learning or distance learning eliminates the expenses involved in providing training in the field.  We are anxiously awaiting the launch of Coursekit.  Coursekit is a start up that is going to take E-Learning to a different level by providing online courses with social interaction including instructor support.

A different approach is what is called blended training.  It is simply providing a “blend” of classroom and online courses to training.  Every university is at this level now allowing the students access to instructors and the benefit of training via online based on their schedule.

What works?

It is hard to imagine the concept of pure classroom based training being the standard going forward.  E-Learning allows you to touch individuals who are remote from a campus and provide the material at reduced costs to the trainee. The standard 4 year degree might be replaced with a 3 year degree, 2 years in a classroom and 1 year online.

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