Loss Prevention

All of our Loss Prevention courses are online offering the student the opportunity to complete the training at their own pace wherever there is a computer and an internet connection.  Our e-learning goes beyond an e-book format and offers the training material with interactions and quizzes after each module followed by a final test at the end of the course.  When you pass the final test, you will be able to print a certificate of completion immediately from the site and email up to 5 people that you successfully passed the course.

Our Loss Prevention training courses apply to any type of retail whether they are grocery, specialty or big box. The overall concepts of shortage and safety programs apply to any Country that has retail stores and we feel our training would be appropriate worldwide.

WZ's Investigative Interviewing has two courses.  One for Loss Prevention, Military, Law Enforcement and the other one is for Human Resources/Employee Relations. 

License terms: Note-The course will be available for completion 90 days from the date the course is opened. Please email us for extensions.


Loss Prevention For

This course is 2 hours covering basic concepts of shortage control and safety for the hourly employee position. It is designed for new employees in retail or as a refresher for seasoned ones. Small business owners should view this course to help them get started in understanding how shrink and safety can impact their bottom line. This course covers topics like:

  • Why shrink and safety are important issues
  • Loss Prevention terminology
  • Ways shoplifters steal
  • Detering shoplifting with customer service
  • Shoplift prevention methods
  • Protecting a retailer's brand
  • What to do if there is a robbery
  • Avoiding the temptation to steal
  • Importance of paperwork accuracy
  • Safety programs 


Purchase Course : $49.00
Loss Prevention

This 10 hour course is for the person that wants to become an undercover loss prevention detective. It is designed to develop the skills and training needed to catch shoplifters, identify dishonest employees and prepare them for the next position in their career as a manager. This course would also apply to law enforcement officers that need additional training in this area of crime. This course cover topics like:

  • Methods of shoplifting
  • Surveillance techniques
  • How to make a stop
  • How to minimize liability
  • Ways employees steal
  • Loss Prevention terminology
  • Laws you need to know
  • Report writing standards
  • Testifying in court
  • Organized retail crime


Purchase Course : $169.00
Loss Prevention For

This 10 hour course is designed for the Loss Prevention, Store and Asst. Manager position within a store. This training goes beyond the basics and is designed for the manager position that is responsible for shortage and safety. This can also be an excellent course for District Loss Prevention Managers, Investigators, Store Owners and any support positions for the LP Department. At the end of the training you will understand all aspects of shortage and safety control and how to engage employees to "make it happen". This course covers topics like:

  • Store's shortage path
  • How to conduct successful inventories
  • Shoplifting and employee theft
  • Opening and closing standards
  • Developing operational excellence
  • Why ROI is important to getting more programs
  • How distribution shrink impacts the number
  • Hiring the right employee
  • Controls at the registers



Purchase Course : $169.00
Safety for

This 8 to 10 hour course covers how to build and maintain a “best in class” safety program for retail stores and distribution centers. It is designed for the loss prevention professional that oversees safety and for the dedicated safety professional responsible for distribution centers or malls. This course covers:

  • Use AFR calculations to compare accident frequency
  • Root causes of accidents
  • Claims management
  • Additional challenges in developing programs for DCs
  • Tools to engage all levels within a building
  • Developing a safety focused audit program
  • How to establish an effective awareness campaign
  • Regulatory visits and how to manage the outcome
  • Establishing a meaningful safety committee
  • Mandated record keeping



Purchase Course : $169.00
Loss Prevention
"Master" Course

The LP "Master" Course allows the trainee to take four courses at a reduced price.  They are:

  • LP Detective
  • LP for Managers
  • Safety for Retail
  • WZ Investigative Interviewing

For those that have achieved the CFI designation, this course counts
as 20 continuing education credits towards renewal.

Purchase Course : $489.00